Sunday, April 23

New Years '05-'06...

...found my buddy Jon and I at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC for what has become Patti Smith's annual foray for her bithday (1/30) and NYE. Tom Verlaine (Television) played guitar both nights which really added to the shows. For her birthday show the band did the ENTIRE Easter album! The place was nuts. NYE was a more commercial show which was broadcast live on satellite radio (for the 2nd year in a row). Jon and I got tapes of both nights from our usual spot...which will remain our little secret. The response to the 1st show on Dime-a-Dozen was terrific. Many downloads ensued.

When we tried to upload the second show, the numbnuts at the satellite company claimed that they owned the rights to the show because they had broadcast it and complained to the board admins who promptly yanked the second nite. This, IMHO, is total bulls--t, as they broadcast a board feed while our tape was an audience. WHATEVER, the board admins had no cojones and yanked the show anyway.

On NYE day, spent the day roaming around south Manhattan in the cold drizzle and walked out on the Brooklyn Bridge, which was pretty cool. Had a great dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown called Nam Son (I think.) This has become, and will continue to be, an annual ritual so long as Patti chooses to ring in the New Year at the Bowery.

Enjoy the PICS. Note that many have been modified with Picassa, a product a can't say enough about.

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Saturday, April 22

Big Bang for the 50th...

...continuing the trip down memory lane...I spent my 50th birthday at Fenway Park with the Rolling Stones. As background - on the 40 Licks Tour in '02/'03 I had met a guy from Spain outside the show at the Orpheum and was able to vend posters and blinkies for several shows on the tour afterward.

When the Bigger Bang Tour was announced I got in touch with Rainer beforehand and arranged to vend on the tour. Sold posters, blinkies, RS lanyards, RS key fobs and 'Rock Fans for Aging Rocker' rubber bracelets (think Lance Armstrong yellow 'Live Strong' bracelets). Vended at the Fenway I & II, Hartford, Detroit, Durham and San Francisco I & II shows. SF shows were great as Metallica opened both nights with two completely different sets. At the Hartford show my booth was straight back from the stage so I had a great view of the stage all night. Also went to the Giants Stadium, Albany and the January MSG shows as a paying customer. Had third row on the side in Albany which was probably the best of all of the shows I was at as it was the smallest venue. Took a bunch of pix at both Duke Stadium and Albany. To check 'em out click on PICTURES. The pictures start out at Albany and are followed by Duke. One of these days I'll label them.

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Sunday, April 16

The Boss to do an 'Americana' tour...

For folks that don't already know, Bruce Springsteen will be touring this year without the E Street Band. Instead, he will incorporate a large band format into his show and focus on material from his upcoming album which is essentially a tribute to the music that Pete Seeger made famous. As a fan of Americana music this will be the first time that I try to get to a Springsteen show since he did the benefit shows at MSG for SIDS.

The New York Times had an article on-line today (see various versions below, for your viewing pleasure) that offers some insight into the upcoming album and follow-up tour. The reporter had the privilege of attending tour warmups that were occurring in Asbury Park. Thanks to my buddy, Bob, for forwarding the article. All material (article and pictures) is copywrited by the respective copywrite holders.

MSWord version
MS MDI version
TXT version (no pictures)

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Saturday, April 15

As promised...pix from the 2006 Mardi Gras Ball

I think that I have this Picasa COLLAGE function figured out. I've placed many of the pix that I took at the Mardi Gras Ball on after having taken the liberty of playing with the editing features that come with Picasa on some. Check 'em out by clicking Mardi Gras Ball.

Hope you enjoy them.

BTW - The NO FEMA float, courtesy of the Krewe of Glue, won the top prize in the costume contest mentioned in the earlier post. Congrats!

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Just playin'...

...with the COLLAGE feature of Picasa (by Google). This is pretty cool stuff but will obviously require some practice for me to achieve results that make more sense. Although, the resultant collage above does seem to convey the feel of the evening at the 14th Annual Mardi Gras Ball in February. This will have to serve as a teaser until I get the pictures sorted, labeled and posted for all to enjoy.

For anyone looking for a pretty cool way to manage digital images this is pretty powerful software. All kinds of neat features that are so easy to use "a caveman could do it." Apologies in advance, to all you Neanderthals out there, if you ARE, in fact, still around. Check it out.

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Mardi Gras Ball - Rhode Island Style - Feb '06

The 14th Annual Mardi Gras Ball in February was enjoyed by all. The evening started off with Balfa Toujours including Geno Delafose on drums. Geno followed with his band, French Rockin' Boogie. They played a terrific set of originals and covers and were followed by Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys who played a typically scorchin' Playboys set for about an hour. The final hour of the Playboys set was a cajun/zydeco jamfest that included (l. to r. in picture) fiddlers Courtney Granger & Kevin Wimmer from Balfa Toujours (Kevin also plays in the Red Stick Ramblers), Brazos Huval on bass, Steve Riley on fiddle and accordians, Geno Delafose on accordian and drums, Kevin Dugas on drums (partially obscured in pic). Not included in the posted pic are David Greeley (fiddle and sax) from the Mamou Playboys, Dirk Powell (guitar and accordian) and Christine Balfa (guitar and triangle) from Balfa Toujours and the Playboy's guitarist extraordinaire, Sam Broussard. What a nite!

From the moment Chuck Wentworth of Lagniappe Productions kicked off the show with the introduction of Balfa Toujours till the last sweet note of the evening, the floor of the Rhodes on the Pawtuxent was filled with costumed dancers sweatin' to the heat coming off the stage. The highlight of the ball is always the costume contest that takes place prior to the closing set. This year was no exception. Audience members showed their amazing creativity and sense of style. This years celebration was particularly poignant in the aftermath of Katrina, and many of the get-ups had biting and satirical themes...THINK - what are we paying for with our taxes?! Events of the past, however, did not dampen the celebratory nature of the evening.

This event has become an annual mainstay on my calendar and for anyone looking for a great evening out in the chill of the Rhode Island winter, this is truly a Ball in the best sense of the word. Highly recommended. For more information check out the Lagniappe Productions web site.

Klondike Sound, as always, provided pristine sound with Klon, the man himself, manning front-of-house.

Click here for more information on Balfa Toujours. Click here if you'd like additional information on Geno Delafose and French Rockin' Boogie and finally click here for more information on Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys.

Y'all come back now, ya heeah!
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Just gettin' started...

Decided to enter the world of blogs in an attempt to keep my family and friends informed of the goings on at the round table. I'll use this, primarily, to distribute pix and, occasionally, to rant about the state of things as I see them - whether at home or in the world at large. Don't expect anything earth-shattering here...I'll leave that to the other 2 zillion web pundits out there. If you like what you see or read let me know...I'd love the feedback! If not, we can discuss or you can simply choose to stay away. I promise to keep things light and hope you enjoy.

BTW - Over the next few weeks I'll be playing catch-up on the previous 12 or so months of activity in pix and words. Please bear with me, but I believe that this is the best way to get those who know me caught up on the goings on around here.

Cheers for now,